Tools We Use To Keep Up Appearances

If you’re anything like my husband Paul, then you absolutely must have the right tools for the job.

For as long as I can remember he has been extremely proud of the fact that he owns his own home (well along with me anyway) and has always taken extreme pride in keeping our home and our garden looking like new.

In fact, we both take pride in our home, it is after all the place we live, and have regular guests making unannounced appearances. Now if you’ve ever watched the programme Keeping Up Appearances then you’ll know all about Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet) and her long suffering husband Richard. In our case we are fairly similar, except the roles are reversed.

I don’t moan about it though. I would much rather have a husband that is fussy than one that couldn’t give a flying pig about anything.

So here, I just thought I’d write a few words on some of hubby’s favourite tools that he uses to keep up the appearance of a tidy and well loved home.

The Lawnmower

We don’t have a particularly large garden, just an average sized garden, both front and back that you might expect to find in any neighbourhood, but I must say we do like it looking neat and tidy. I mean, who doesn’t like a neatly trimmed lawn?

The lawnmower that Paul uses, and has done for a little while now is the Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex electric rotary lawnmower. Quite a mouthful isn’t it?

We have found, or rather hubby has found that it does a really nice job. It’s rather a chunky beast but surprisingly isn’t quite as heavy as one might think, and it does cover cut a nice cutting area.

What hubby likes about it most are the fact that it’s easy to handle and move around the gardens. It’s also easy to dispose of the cut grass when the large grassbox is full, and easy to put the grassbox back on. You can also change the height or your cut, simply by pulling the lever.

Our most favourite feature though is that you can cut your lawn like those you see on television of stately homes. Thanks to the rear roller, the lawns we have look really quite beautiful.

Pressure Washer

The simple pressure washer. What a tool this is.

I’ll spare you the details of how many jobs about the garden and home my husband does with his pressure washer because really, there are too many to mention.

Washing the caravan and car. Ok I had to at least mention one, and this is probably the job that is most performed by pressure washer owners.

karcher k4The actual pressure washer my husband uses is the Karcher K4 Eco Premium. I must admit, it makes a fine and quick job on many things, and maybe the main reason we chose it was because it had a number of very good reviews.

It certainly isn’t the cheapest of pressure washers you can buy, but it isn’t the most expensive either, and you do get a nice product with included accessories for the price.

The thing Peter likes most about the Karcher K4 is the ability to quickly change over attachments, and there are numerous attachments available for this model. Also it has a “plug n clean” system which is handy little feature that allows you to change from one detergent to a different detergent which is pretty useful when you want to clean one thing and then move straight on to another.

Job Done

So there you have it, just a couple of items that we use to keep our home and garden looking fab!

Impressing A Girl On A First Date

All of us have a blend of nerves and excitement when we are about to make a first date with a girl. You’ll find few times that men wish to make as good an impression on a girl as much as they possibly can, when it comes to a first date. Even though we can’t do away with all of our nerves we experience as we approach our first date, one can find some quick techniques to help make the date less of a worry and more of a pleasurable experience, for both of you.

Who’s the girl you’re dating?

To begin with, it’s smarter and necessary to be mindful regarding who the girl is that you choose to have your first date with. Most men agree that the reason for dating is always to get acquainted with with her, so whilst you don’t need to know a great deal about a girl before taking her out for a meal, or a movie, it can be handy to at a minimum, know a little something of the girl you’ll be sharing your first date with.

Should you not know them too well personally, make certain that a member of your family or a friend perhaps, knows the girl, even if just a little. You can save your energy, time, and possibly be spared from being disappointed, by choosing smartly which girl you will take on a date.

First date advice

An additional piece of advice in regards to a first date with a girl is to arrange the date around something that you will both be happy with. It’s no good arranging to take her out on a first date and you decide on bowling as a choice and then realize she hates anything to do with bowling.

Undertaking something you yourself do not like much might impair your opportunity to appreciate the girl you are dating, that is in the end, the entire purpose of your first date with this beautiful girl.

Take into account that this first date with her is not solely about you and you only. Start off properly from the very beginning of the date by expressing real interest in the girl you’re with. Every girl loves it when a man asks her good questions and appears to sincerely care about her life.

For those guys who have difficulty thinking up questions to ask her, most likely it would be sensible for you to come up with a handful of decent questions prior to heading off to pick up, or meet your date. The point is, you have to show a genuine interest in her from the start, if you want to attract a girl.

Setting boundaries

Unless you’re a fortune teller, the only way you’re going to figure out whether or not you’re going to have a great first date with this girl is by actually doing it. Ensure that you’ve assigned yourself decent boundaries for the date with the girl you want to attract.

Set a time restriction on your date before you even arrive, this way you know when the end of your first date with this girl is near. Even though you both may be enjoying yourselves thoroughly, when the time is up then it’s time for the date to end. Even though it may feel disappointing it will only make the girl feel more excited about meeting you again. Also if the date is a bit awkward and you realize it’s heading nowhere then it isn’t a problem to finish the date when the time is up.

First dates can be extremely nerve wrangling for many guys, but if you do things right and show her you’re somebody worth getting to know better, then who knows where it might lead.

The Sony CDXM10 Marine Stereo

Hi from West Marine. One of our most popular stereo receivers is the Sony CDX M10. This is a really lovely little low-cost stereo receiver that plays cds or even cds that you have recorded at home and it has the ability to accept an input from an ipod or an iphone so that you can use your favorite music storage device and play it through this jack in the front.

There a couple of things I really like about this. One is that it has a very easily read display. This is a liquid crystal display with big digits so if you occasionally need to use your glasses to operate the electronics on your boat once you figure out a couple of simple button pushes you can operate this beautifully. So for example this is the source button and I can push this and it says auxiliary tuner and other inputs.

I can also choose which band I’m on, AM1, FM1, FM2 and so forth and then it’s very easy to store preset stations in the six buttons along the bottom. So this gives you a total of eighteen FM presets and twelve AM presets as well as having the auxilary input and cds.

Now it has two hundred watts of power. This is enough to have fifty watts per channel for four different speakers, front and back, left and right, but if you decide you need a little bit more “oomph” from your music it has preamp outputs in the back which can be connected to a subwoofer amplifier, and subwoofer if you really want to rockout. A lot of us prefer to have a lower listening levels but if you want to have a subwoofer you can add it to this.

A really nice accessory for this receiver would be a pair of the Sony SX1P161DW speakers. These are six-and-a-half inch dual kon speakers, water resistant and they are a really good accessory for it and combined there about $200 for the set. The receiver a retails for around a $130 and the speakers are about $70 a pair so if you buy them separately there not a package. $200 for the combination, $130 for one, $70 for the other.

One thing that about the Sony stereo is that isn’t waterproof, but it does have conformally coated boards inside of it, and one of the things that destroys marine stereos is when you have too much moiature in the air, and it condenses inside the stereo and it shorts out the circuit boards so this has coated circuit boards.

And then the last thing is for safety it has removable faceplate so you can take the really nice part of the radio and remove it and put it someplace safe so that not only do you protect it from the elements but then nobody wants to steal what’s left.

So it’s a really nice device from one of the best names the consumer electronics Sony, and of course its available from West Marine.

Best Marine Radios

Life on the ocean wave. What a life it is.

There’s nothing better than being out on the boat on the open ocean when the sky is blue, the waves are non existent and there’s nobody else around to disturb your peace and tranquility for miles.

I like to take my boat out most weekends, drop the anchor overboard and just relax.

I like to fish and when the weather is warm and the sea is calm I set up my fishing gear and drop a line into the ocean, sit back and wait for something, anything to take the bait.

Certainly I like the peace I get form being out at sea with just myself and my thoughts, but I also at times like to have my marine radio switched on with some nice music or a talk radio channel on to keep me entertained, if I ever need it.

What Marine Radio?

My marine radio, or marine stereo if you prefer is what I would call top notch.

It has all the bells and whistles so I always have something to listen to when I’m on my way out or on my way in from the harbor.

I’m able to stick on a CD of my favorite music from the 60′s.

I can turn on the radio and simply tune into my favorite station and catch up on the latest goings on in the world, or catch up on the latest pop music from around the world.

It has USB connectivity so I can easily hook up my iPod and listen to the endless amount of songs I have stored on it.

What I thought About Before Buying My Marine Radio

There were several points that I considered before jumping straight into the deep end and buying my own marine radio.

I thought about points such as:

  • What I wanted to listen to. Sometimes just having radio stations to listen to isn’t enough. I have a varied taste in music on different devices such as my iPod. I have CDs with mp3 files on that I wanted to be able to listen to. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.
  • What features do I want, or need? I’m lucky in that I had an unrestricted budget. I basically bought a marine radio that gave me everything I could need. You might not want to. So if you have limited funds think hard about what you actually NEED your marine radio to do. Many of the features my radio has, I don’t use. Some say this is a waste of money paying for things you don’t need, and just possibly they are right.
  • What protection does it have? My marine radio is well protected from what nature has to throw at it. Some cheaper models may not be so well protected, and let’s face it, when you’re at sea you’re going to get salt water and moisture and those things are not good if they can find their way into your marine radios internal components. Heck, if you want you radio to last then keep it well protected.

It’s good to have a quality marine radio on board. You can buy these devices from numerous stores around the country, but for me personally I like to make my life easy. So what do I do?

I buy online of course. It’s so simple and convenient, and simplicity and convenience is what I like.

Real Customer Feedback

The added bonus is that a big number of helpful people like to leave their reviews on the items they buy online.

These of course help to make our lives even easier. I rounded down my choice of the best marine radios to only 3.  I still wasn’t certain of what I wanted until I started reading the marine radio reviews online.

This made my choice so much easier. I checked their recommendations then headed over to to take a gander at what customer feedback there was. To my surprise there were lots of reviews left on the many marine radios they have on there.

In the end my choice was made easy, and it was all thanks to marine radio reviews.

Now if you are in a similar situation and might be looking for the best marine radio to have fitted on your boat then I’d suggest reading various marine stereo reviews to help you come to your final decision, and like myself I don’t think you will regret it.