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Vibro Plates Do They Work?

Vibro  plates or vibration plates are now a key piece of exercise equipment that are used by many major sports people and teams, including top English Premiership football teams.

They can be found in many gyms, salons, health and fitness clubs and now even in peoples homes all over the country such as the Confidence vibration plate plus and are even now becoming more in demand every day.

How Do Vibro Plates Work

In simple terms vibro plates work by vibrating our body at a tempo which can be raised or lowered by the settings. The obvious thing is that the vibrating aids the circulation of blood throughout the body which is a health benefit in itself, but what we also may not realise is that even by just standing on the machine and not even performing any exercise your body is still actually reacting to the vibrations the machine is making.

This is one reason why vibro plates are highly popular because they help do some of the work for you in a beneficial way, and some say without the hard work.

Another factor is that when the vibro plate is vibrating you consequently become heavier. To explain this, think of G force. When you are exposed to G force your body weighs more and in this similar way the vibro plate makes you a little heavier so again without even realising it your body already working against weight.

When you start exercising this reaction factor to the vibrations produced by the machine and the increased weight of your body helps you more than if you were just working out or exercising without the assistance of a vibro plate. This is why it is claimed that vibro plates help you get results faster.

How Do You Use A Vibro Plate?

If you haven’t ever used a vibro plate such as the Jtx Pro 50 before then before rushing out and buying one for your own use at home then it might be a wise decision to try one out at a recommended gym or health and fitness club first off.

As with all exercise machines there is a chance, slim or not, of an injury occurring so trying before buying is wise. A qualified fitness instructor will be able to evaluate your circumstances and set you a programme to get started. You will then be able to get a real idea of how you find using a vibro plate and whether or not it is the right piece of fitness equipment for you to be using.

Vibro Plate Benefits

After some regular use of the vibro plate you hopefully will see some benefits. These can include a toned physique, some weight loss and generally feeling healthier.

It has been said that people that have used these vibro plates to help with ailments such as back ache have also noticed a marked improvement in their life, but this really should be taken with a pinch of salt as what may work for somebody else doesn’t mean you will see the same results.

One For The Home

Vibro plates are extremely popular with people to use at home. There are obvious reasons why this can be beneficial but we won’t go into them now.

If you are considering getting one of these machines for your home then take your time before buying. There are numerous makes and models of vibro plates that you can buy and some with very high price tags so doing some thorough research first will pay off.