The Sony CDXM10 Marine Stereo

Hi from West Marine. One of our most popular stereo receivers is the Sony CDX M10. This is a really lovely little low-cost stereo receiver that plays cds or even cds that you have recorded at home and it has the ability to accept an input from an ipod or an iphone so that you can use your favorite music storage device and play it through this jack in the front.

There a couple of things I really like about this. One is that it has a very easily read display. This is a liquid crystal display with big digits so if you occasionally need to use your glasses to operate the electronics on your boat once you figure out a couple of simple button pushes you can operate this beautifully. So for example this is the source button and I can push this and it says auxiliary tuner and other inputs.

I can also choose which band I’m on, AM1, FM1, FM2 and so forth and then it’s very easy to store preset stations in the six buttons along the bottom. So this gives you a total of eighteen FM presets and twelve AM presets as well as having the auxilary input and cds.

Now it has two hundred watts of power. This is enough to have fifty watts per channel for four different speakers, front and back, left and right, but if you decide you need a little bit more “oomph” from your music it has preamp outputs in the back which can be connected to a subwoofer amplifier, and subwoofer if you really want to rockout. A lot of us prefer to have a lower listening levels but if you want to have a subwoofer you can add it to this.

A really nice accessory for this receiver would be a pair of the Sony SX1P161DW speakers. These are six-and-a-half inch dual kon speakers, water resistant and they are a really good accessory for it and combined there about $200 for the set. The receiver a retails for around a $130 and the speakers are about $70 a pair so if you buy them separately there not a package. $200 for the combination, $130 for one, $70 for the other.

One thing that about the Sony stereo is that isn’t waterproof, but it does have conformally coated boards inside of it, and one of the things that destroys marine stereos is when you have too much moiature in the air, and it condenses inside the stereo and it shorts out the circuit boards so this has coated circuit boards.

And then the last thing is for safety it has removable faceplate so you can take the really nice part of the radio and remove it and put it someplace safe so that not only do you protect it from the elements but then nobody wants to steal what’s left.

So it’s a really nice device from one of the best names the consumer electronics Sony, and of course its available from West Marine.

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